Health Benefits of Bananas – the Miracle Fruit

Health Benefits of Bananas - the Miracle Fruit

Bananas are not just tasty food, but also extremely healthy product, although quite high in calories. 100 g of fresh bananas contain about 200 kcal, dried fruit contains about almost 300 kcal. However, the high-calorie content of bananas is not a reason to exclude them from the menu. Indeed, these yellow gifts of palm trees contain a whole set of various vitamins: ascorbic acid, B vitamins, vitamin PP, and also carotene, enzymes and various trace elements. Banana is a valuable source of potassium and fiber.

The homeland of bananas is Southeast Asia. From a botanical point of view, a banana is a berry. Bananas are an ancient food crop, they are eaten all over the world. Fruits are eaten fresh and also used to prepare various dishes. Bananas are fried, boiled, baked, canned, they can be used to make flour, syrups, wine, marmalade, consumed with and without peel. In Ecuador, these fruits are the main sources of nutrition for the population. In just one year, every Ecuadorian consumes about 73 kg of bananas, while in Burundi this figure is 189.4 kg.

Scientists estimate that a person who eats 4 bananas per day covers the body’s need for potassium and magnesium by 100%. But it is not a secret for anyone that these two microelements are necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle.

The latest scientific evidence proves that bananas are fruits that should be used to prevent atherosclerosis and normalize vision. It is very useful to eat bananas to people in the recovery period after an illness. Unlike many foods, bananas are allowed for patients with various pathologies of the digestive tract.

The flesh of bananas has a delicate structure, so they are allowed for feeding children. Fruits can be included in the child’s menu in the first year of life. It is recommended to begin to introduce such foods in the diet of infants from 10-12 months. Bananas have a soft texture and sweet taste, so all the kids are happy to eat them.

Health benefits of bananas

  • Protection and prevention of stress, because fruits contain carbohydrates and it helps to get rid of the negative and quickly calm down;
  • Getting rid of fatigue: Vitamin B6, contained in the fruit, helps to restore the body after hard work in a short time. This vitamin can be women with PMS because it helps to get rid of the premenstrual syndrome;
  • Significant improvement in the condition of hair: minerals and vitamins help restore damaged hair and make it look healthy;
  • Increased libido: the fruit contains hormone oxytocin, which promotes sexual desire. By the way, this hormone is also useful for lactating women, because it is responsible for the increase in lactation;
  • Help during weight loss: fruits are not only tasty, but also a useful substitute for various snacks, which can be very high in calories, this property of the fruit is especially important for women who want to lose weight, as well as for those who, by virtue of professional employment, there is no opportunity to eat properly;
  • The composition of the fruit includes a small amount of calcium, which has a beneficial effect on the strengthening of human bones. Calcium also prevents many female diseases, in general, it is considered quite a useful and universal component, which should be in sufficient quantity in the diet of each person;
  • Conservation of energy and vigor: bananas contain a sufficient amount of natural sugar, which has a beneficial effect on nerve cells, and also helps to preserve energy, vigor and strength;
  • The digestive system of women gladly accepts these tropical fruits and easily digests them, which not only helps speed up the metabolism but also allows most other products to “work” in the stomach and in the body as a whole much more efficiently after eating and during the digestion of bananas;
  • The presence of micronutrients: thanks to this property, fruits can be used for cosmetic purposes to nourish the skin, as well as to preserve the beauty and youth of body and face skin;
  • These tropical fruits contain manganese and iron, which is useful not only for the bones but also for the whole organism.

As you see, a banana is a valuable storehouse of substances and vitamins that are beneficial for a person. With its regular use, you can maintain health and save your body from many diseases.

Banana benefits for woman organism

  • Doctors say that these tropical fruits are useful in diseases of the intestines and stomach. Experts even prescribe them for medicinal purposes to patients with duodenal ulcers and stomachs;
  • Few people know, but these products increase fertility and increase the desire in women;
  • These fruits can be eaten to improve brain activity because they saturate the brain with active oxygen and help speed up its work;
  • Iron contained in fruits stabilizes hemoglobin levels, prevents the development of anemia, and also improves the performance of blood tests in general;
  • Banana gruel can be taken with a strong cough. To prepare the mixture you need to chop the fruit to the state of mashed potatoes and pour boiling water over the mass, eat it in small doses throughout the day. Such a remedy has an expectorant effect and helps reduce sore throat.

A large number of useful properties allow to use this fruit for various purposes: for the treatment of diseases, in cooking, as cosmetics, etc.

Banana benefits for men

  • First of all, bananas increase male potency – not for nothing, this fruit resembles the male sexual organ in shape. Regular consumption of bananas allows you to make an erection longer and more lasting. This is especially true for aged who wish to maintain an excellent sexual form;
  • Bananas also improve sperm quality. Due to their use, the number of sperm cells increases, they become more active and mobile, and hence, the chances of successful fertilization increase. Therefore, men who plan to have a baby should regularly include bananas in their diet. In addition, bananas have a positive effect on male libido, as they act as a natural aphrodisiac;
  • if you want bananas to improve male potency, the fruit must be chosen correctly. It is necessary to give preference to those fruits that have a rich yellow color and intact skin. Black spots on a banana are a sign of ripeness, but these spots should not be large and occupy the entire surface of the fruit. Mold is a sign of deterioration of the fruit, it is dangerous for health to use such bananas. The smaller the size of the fruit, the sweeter it is.

Banana is a valuable food product for a man that must be present in his diet. Moreover, the fruits are useful both in fresh form and in various dishes.

Use of bananas in cosmetology

As we have already mentioned, these fruits are actively used in cosmetology without harm to health. We offer several recipes for masks that will help improve your skin condition.

Nourishing mask

This mask is suitable for dry skin. It will not take you long to prepare it. All you have to do is chop the flesh thoroughly and add a small amount of cream to the mass. To prevent the mask from spreading, you can add a little bread flesh.

Apply the mixture in two sets. First, you apply the first layer, wait for it to dry out, then apply the second layer over the first one. Half an hour later, remove the mask with a cotton pad, previously soaked in weak tea.

You will see noticeable improvements after just a few applications. The skin will become more elastic and resilient, the complexion will be smoother and fresher, and the flaking characteristic of dry skin will disappear.

Cleansing mask for sensitive and dry skin

Any skin must be thoroughly cleaned, including dry one. However, cleansing should be delicate and careful, otherwise, irritation and redness may occur. The proposed recipe meets the above requirements, it will help to make the skin clean without damaging it.

To prepare the mixture for this mask, you need to pour half a cup of oatmeal with hot milk. Next, wait until the mass has cooled, add to it the crushed pulp of the fruit. The resulting mixture should be applied to the face in the form of heat for a quarter of an hour. After that, wash off the mask with light massaging movements.

Mask for mature skin

The mask of honey and banana will help to restore the freshness and elasticity of the aged skin, as well as nourish it with useful microelements and eliminate fine wrinkles. To prepare it, mix in equal parts the flesh of the fruit and honey, add the yolk to the resulting mass.

The mixture should be applied to the face and left for twenty minutes. Mask must be done in a lying and relaxed state.

Tropical fruit will perfectly moisturize the skin, honey will disinfect and heal microcracks, eliminate flaking, narrow pores, and the yolk will give the skin elasticity. The result will not be long in coming. Your skin condition will improve after the first application.

Mask for flabby and fading skin

We offer another popular anti-wrinkle face mask. It is prepared as follows: mashed cottage cheese and the pulp of a tropical fruit are mixed in equal amounts.

Apply the resulting mixture in a thin even layer on your face, lie down for twenty minutes, then wash off the mask with water.

Tip: so that the tightening effect was even more noticeable, cosmetologists recommend combining such procedures with steam baths on herbs, as well as with a light facial massage.

Benefit from the natural products available to you and be healthy!