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Sky Pharmacy is a popular and experience store which has thousands of satisfied customers. For many years, we have been delivering high-quality drugs from Canada all over the world. Our customers appreciate a wide range of products, reasonable prices and fast home delivery of products. All products presented on the website are certified and fully comply with all the requirements of the most demanding customers. Home delivery of drugs is a very popular and convenient modern phenomenon. We have developed a convenient search that will be your faithful assistant!

Sky Pharmacy

Our concept

  • Health is wealth that is given to us by nature. You cannot buy health but you can take care of it. And we can help you with this;
  • There are no difficult questions and hopeless situations for us. We are ready to help every person – human health is important for us.

Our principles

  • Attention to our customers is one of the fundamental principles of our work;
  • Our goal is the health of our customers. The main principles of our work are professionalism, reliability, quality assurance and authenticity of all our products;
  • We strictly ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service;
  • We hope that our work, knowledge and skills are not in vain, and you will not be disappointed with the services provided and will return to us again and again!
  • An individual approach to each client, professional consultations of experts, reasonable prices – the principle of our work. The work of our online pharmacy in Canada is focused on the client.

Where is Sky Pharmacy located?

We are located in Canada. Today it is very easy to buy drugs online in Canada, you don’t even need to leave your home and look for the nearest pharmacy chain. We also deliver products all over the world! The process is 100% online. If you have any questions, you can contact us for any advice at any time. We will be happy to help you select medicines and place an order.

Our bestsellers

viagraViagra (active substance Sildenafil) as low as $0.36

Viagra is the most popular drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, designed to quickly restore erection and endurance. All components in the drug are balanced, so it is safe for men’s health and does not lead to disruption of the internal organs. The remedy expands the cavernous bodies of the penis and blood vessel, improves blood circulation, fills the pelvic organs with blood. As a result, an erection occurs due to sexual arousal and stimulation of sensitive areas.

cialisCialis (active substance Tadalafil) as low as $1.07

Cialis is a drug used to improve potency and treat erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil improves erectile function, which contributes to normal sexual intercourse. At the same time, the preparation helps even in the case of impotence, which makes it one of the most effective ED drugs. At the moment, this is the only drug that has such a long-term action – 36 hours.

viagra-professionalViagra Professional (active substance Sildenafil) as low as $1.64

Viagra Professional is a new form of well-known branded Viagra. This is the perfect combination of efficiency and safety for the body. This product is highly effective due to the increased concentration of the active component. The generic provides a massive rush of blood in the pelvic organs, resulting in a natural erection. The action lasts about 8 hours.

cialis-professionalCialis Professional (active substance Tadalafil) as low as $2.42

Cialis Professional is a new generation of high-speed remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug enhances the quality of erection, increases the size of the male organ. The advantage of generic is that it provides energy and stamina during sex, and also allows you to quickly recover from sexual intercourse.

kamagraKamagra (active substance Sildenafil) as low as $2.72

Kamagra is an improved version of Viagra. Due to its capsule form and incredible efficiency, the new generic has very quickly gained popularity as a high-tech tool to restore erectile function and normalize male sexual health.

viagra-super-activeViagra Super Active (active substance Sildenafil) as low as $1.35

Viagra Super Active in capsules is an updated ED drug that enhances male potency to unprecedented limits. After taking just one pill, you will feel a surge of hormones and a new level of love. This became real thanks to a perfect new formula of the drug.

ventolin-inhalerVentolin (active substance Albuterol Sulfate) as low as $25.00

Ventolin is a popular asthma medication used in the case of obstructions or narrowing of the breathing channels. Ventolin inhaler is convenient because it can be used anywhere, without the help of any devices. The product has a lot of positive effects with the least amount of negative phenomena, which makes it possible to use it for treating children at preschool age, pregnant and elderly patients.

proventilProventil (active substance Albuterol Sulfate) as low as $37.99

Proventil is an effective and popular asthma medication. The drug is also used to treat COPD and other airway obstruction conditions. Proventil opens up air passage and clears out airway thus allowing consistent and smooth flow of air. It is usually used as a rescue inhaler.

Benefits of generic drugs

A generic is a replicated drug that is identical to the original one and brought to the pharmaceutical market after the expiration of its patent protection. In other words, a generic is an exact copy of the original drug. Every fifth person has a shortage of funds to buy the necessary medicines. Here comes the main advantage of generics – they are cheap. At the same time, they are no less effective. Just like the original branded drugs, they undergo 4 phases of clinical trials, comparative studies, bioequivalence tests. Another advantage of generics is a later release. A generic can even be more effective than the original by eliminating the side effects known by this time and adding new excipients that make the product work better.

Our advantages

  1. Lowest prices.  It is no secret that prices in local pharmacies can be surprisingly high. Indeed, such a pharmacy must rent space and pay for numerous employees. If you want to save on your meds, you can buy medicines online on our website. Our company cooperates with direct suppliers and does not have to rent space. For these reasons, we are able to offer better prices to our customers. Customers can also get attractive prices when ordering more pills;
  2. Rich assortment. Our company offers the richest selection of drugs for various conditions: allergy, antidepressants, antibiotics, arthritis, asthma, birth control, cancer, diabetes, diuretics, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, hepatitis c, HIV, mental illness, motion sickness, pain relief, skin care, weight loss, women’s health, and many others. Besides, there may be up to ten substitutes for any product – these are high-quality and very affordable generics. Moreover, we specialize in certain types of medications, such as erectile dysfunction pills. that you can hardly find at a regular drugstore;
  3. Easy shopping. Traditional local pharmacies often have long queues, so often customers have to wait twenty minutes or more. Another disadvantage is that you can’t actually see the pills and you don’t have time to study the sheet or compare prices. Shopping at our online pharmacy solves the problem: you can spend as much time as you want to read about different medicines and make a price analysis. Moreover, you can do it late at night or on Sunday on a comfortable sofa with a cup of coffee. Buying drugs online at Sky Pharmacy is actually an enjoyable experience;
  4. Support 24/7. Your local pharmacist may not give you the right recommendations and explanations – due to lack of time and also because of a lack of knowledge. Very often, employees are professional but they probably will not be able to answer your questions. On the contrary, we have a large customer support group, ready to consult any customer around the clock seven days a week. After you start a conversation with our support specialist, he or she will stay with you for as long as you need, giving you all the information you need about medications, alternatives options, doses, side effects, etc.;
  5. Special offers and discounts. You can hardly find a sale or a discount in local drugstores. On the other hand, our online pharmacy can offer significant discounts for many drugs. Using discount codes, you can save up to 30% in some cases. We have a multi-level system of discounts, including regular sales, special offers for major holidays, bonus promo codes, etc.;
  6. Safe purchase. The question of security interests all customers who buy drugs online. Indeed, not all of the sites are trustworthy, so the choice of an honest pharmacy is a priority. Our pharmacy is reliable and trusted by customers all over the globe. We offer the same security as a traditional store. All your payment details are properly encrypted and stored without any risk of transfer to third parties. Deliveries of goods are performed by a reliable courier. Finally, you can be sure that the packaging will be closed and the contents will not be indicated – 100% guarantee of anonymity;
  7. A chance to get more information. We regularly post articles devoted to various health problems, explaining their causes, symptoms and treatment methods. Each drug in the catalog has a detailed product page containing a lot of information about the mechanism of action, side effects, dosages, the correct method of use, etc. When you make purchases online, you can expand your knowledge horizons, learn something new. We strive to make you more aware of possible health problems.

How do I email my prescription to Sky Pharmacy?

We require a prescription for all RX items. You can email your prescription to us using Refills page. As soon as we receive your RX, we will start to proceed with your order. If we do not receive your RX within 3 days after placing an order, the order will be canceled.

Sky Pharmacy reviews

Paul: “I’m completely satisfied with the store. The range is great, the service is excellent, the customer support team is polite, delivery is always on time and at a convenient time. The quality of the goods is excellent and the prices are quite affordable!”

Martina:  “I used to treat online pharmacies with disbelief. The prices were really lower, so I decided to order some items from this website. Besides, I could not find this product in the local drugstores. The product really fits the description on the website! It works!”

Alex: “I used this pharmacy twice and did not regret it. I ordered the necessary medicine and they delivered it within 24 hours. I was pleasantly surprised that the prices were lower than in other pharmacies. The website is convenient, and you can track your order. I like it. No flaws in the work.”

Sue: “I recommend this store to everyone. Recently, I’ve made an order for asthma medication. It’s cool that the managers answered all my questions. The parcel arrived without delay. The courier was very polite. Thank you!”

Jessica: “The first thing I would like to note is a cool website. Navigation is convenient, prices are good. The second moment I like is the service. The managers are not rude and give correct advice. And of course, the delivery – it was organized perfectly: there were no delays.”

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