Sky Pharmacy Will Help Make Up Your First Apartment Checklist

First Apartment Checklist

Almost every person at least once in his life faced moving from one apartment to another. Many people ask questions about how to properly, efficiently, and most importantly, quickly organize this event, what is not needed in a new house, and what must be taken with you?

Things You Need For Your New Apartment: First Apartment Checklist

The modern market offers a large number of functional elements of furniture for the home.

For those people who are going to move, Sky Pharmacy has made up a list of nine mandatory things that you need to take with you to a new apartment, as they will be needed in the first days of your stay.

  • It’s interesting but our ancestors let the first cat into the new apartment. But if you do not like animals, or you are allergic to them, you will have to do without this funny tradition;
  • If you do not plan to buy or transport furniture, then, first of all, you need to purchase a mattress since the first few days you will have to sleep on it. It is best to choose a good inflatable mattress, because, very often, buying new furniture when moving is delayed, more important things and tasks come to the fore, but a person cannot solve them effectively and adequately without a good sleep since sleep is very important for the human body;
  • Do not forget about the set of bed linen, you can stock up on two sets to change. You can take both old things and buy new ones, if the budget allows it, it will even be a pleasant element in a new house;
  • In the new apartment, you will definitely need replacement shoes, especially if you are undertaking repairs. Constant debris, dust and dirt, as well as the lack of carpets, force the owner to wear slippers. In order not to look for them after the move and do not go shopping, think about it in advance;
  • On the day of the move, it is advisable to stock up on food, because after the tedious process, no one wants to go shopping and make breakfast. Buy ready-made food in the supermarket, it is very important if you have a large family and have children who require “recharging”.Think about the minimum set of dishes: plates, cups, spoons, forks. If you live alone, do not immediately drag a lot of dishes, it is enough to take all in one copy. Many people like to celebrate the housewarming on the first day, then you should take care of the knife and the corkscrew – in the case you will have unexpected guests with champagne;
  • It is very important not to forget about personal hygiene products, these are toothbrush, paste, soap, cosmetics, shampoo and towel, as well as cleaning products. Going to bed, you will definitely want to take a shower, and if something from the above doesn’t turn out, it could darken such a significant day;
  • And one more main subject when moving to a new apartment will be a regular light bulb, you should have it in reserve.

Do not forget about First Aid Kit!

Do not forget about medications that are needed by your family members (for example, your parents need blood pressure control products, and your husband needs contact lens care products or ED pills). This first aid kit should include preparations for treating wounds and stopping bleeding, painkillers and sorbents, drugs for heart pain, antiallergic drugs, medicines for colds, a thermometer, a syringe, a device for measuring pressure and ammonia, food poisoning medications. Sky Pharmacy has made up this list based on our many years of experience. Of course, you can supplement it, according to your needs, but in no case do not reduce it. All the main concerns on making up your first aid kit can be taken by professional experts if you place an order online. Buying meds online is cheap and convenient. Let your arrangement in a new place be easy!

This article presents all the necessary things when moving, which you will need immediately on the first day. Relying on it, you can remember this day, perhaps, as the best in your life. After all, buying a new apartment of your dreams should not be overshadowed by minor shortcomings!