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A Few Things About Online Shopping

We’re very picky, and we know our products, so when you shop online your personal shopper will select the very best of everything from thousands of products.

  • Shopping online is virtually the same as shopping in our supermarket. We offer thousands of items online.
  • You may use your Manufacturer Coupons right online and the savings are immediate.
  • You save money when you shop from our Ad or you may easily shop using our Best Buys feature.
  • If you are a Food Stamp recipient you may use your EBT Card.
  • You may modify your order as many times as you like, up until the time we start processing your order.
  • Our online prices are the same as our store prices. When we change prices in our store, you need not worry about the price changes affecting your online purchase prices. What you see online is what you pay, even if we change prices in our store.
  • We accept all major credit cards; American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa.
  • We deliver for free, seven days a week to 17 Tippecanoe County zip codes in the Lafayette area.
  • Orders for delivery may be placed up to seven days in advance or you may order for same-day service for no extra charge. You must place your order at least two hours before your selected delivery time.
  • Our services are offered for a low, flat fee. There is no minimum order amount. Our only charge is a $6.95 shopping fee, that is it.
  • Our Online Shopping Service requires that you or a responsible person be at the delivery destination at the scheduled delivery time to receive your order.
  • Due to Federal Regulations, WIC voucher cannot be accepted, nor will the driver accept cash.
  • Credit Card transactions will be pre-authorized before being processed, and take approximately 48-72 hours to drop off of your bank statement. The total amount that is shown on the pre-authorization will include the amount of the order plus $0.25 per item ordered plus $5.00 per any special request item. After we shop the order and process the transaction the total amount you pay may differ due to out of stock items, substitutions, or if you order random weight items.