Do you want to know how much you love our produce? Produce sales in the average supermarket account for 13% of total sales. At Fresh City Market you can almost double that. Boom!

Caribou Coffee

West Lafayette's Only Caribou Coffee. Featuring Coffee, Tea, Bakery and Sandwiches.


Yes we have the meat. Beef, pork and poultry in all shapes, sizes and cuts. Come and get it.

Chef Prepared Meals

Let’s face it; you work, you study, you recreate and maybe you get some sleep. It’s not always easy to squeeze in a good meal. Until now. Let our Executive Chef, Hilda, show you why she’s an Executive Chef. Stop in and take a meal home. Beef Stroganoff one night, pasta the next, grab a vegetable medley and maybe a salad.


Here’s a head-scratcher. Many products in delis aren’t made from scratch. Our deli? Fresh and Fresher.

Dairy and Frozen

We have 870,000 cows in Indiana and we’ve got ice. What more could you ask for?


You’re in Indiana. We like basketball, and some of us like cheese. We stock cheese but not basketballs.


Cod, check. Shrimp, check. Tilapia, indubitably. Salmon and Sea Bass, set.

Snacks and Staples

Of course we have these, we’re a grocery store for Pete’s sake.